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Get Experience Right and You’re Halfway to a Remarkable One

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Credit unions pride themselves on offering a great in-branch experience to all their members. But with the pandemic and social distancing rules, the in-branch experience can be compromised. Especially when we think of the elderly. Personally, I’ve seen instances where an elderly person has joined a line-up to get into a smaller branch and, thanks to the people in the line-up, been told to go ahead to the front of the line so they wouldn’t have to stand on the sidewalk for an unknown amount of time. Or, every so often a security guard or employee would check the line-up helping those who needed to bypass the line, do so. 


Clearly this is not an ideal member experience.


It really shouldn’t be up to the other members, or even the member who needs assistance themselves, to manage the line-up. It can be difficult to self-identify as someone who needs assistance and bypass a line-up.

With these increasingly frequent trips to locations and this new normal (with or without social distancing measures, consumer behaviour may well be changed forever), here are five reasons credit unions should consider a member flow and experience management system:


1. Considerations for most impacted demographics

Disabled, older, and those members who need increased assistance have, in some cases, been met with barriers to entry that are so high, they can no longer reasonably expect to have in-branch experiences. Member flow and management systems, in these cases, can be the difference between a nearly impossible experience, to potentially a better experience than pre-pandemic.


2. Better line-up experiences

We believe in putting members first. So let’s make the line-ups we do have as efficient and pleasant as possible by making them virtual—your members are notified when it’s their turn to enter the location. Virtual queue options can be up and running in a few days to deliver member-facing occupancy data, estimated wait times and easy to follow instructions.


3. Vastly improved in-branch member flow

Currently, many branches are using paper signs and even the security staff at the doors to direct and force members to move in the proper flow to maintain social distancing. These can be intimidating for members as it’s often unclear where the member is supposed to walk and stand (or even if the branch is open), oftentimes requiring a branch employee to direct members. With digital signage and virtual queueing, members have no doubt about where to go and what to do.


4. Integrated Appointment Booking

One way to create safer line-ups is to remove them altogether. Get an appointment booking system that integrates with your credit union’s current digital platform. Automating appointments creates more efficient, convenient member service. 


5. Analytics and Data

The right member flow and experience management systems can provide analytics and data that help analyze traffic flows, optimize the workforce, and provide innovative new offerings that scale with your business needs.


No matter what your reasons are, your in-branch experience is one of the most valuable touch-points you have with your members. A member flow and experience management system will help you to continue providing great member services.


At Aequilibrium, we are committed to helping you provide remarkable member experiences.


That’s why we’ve partnered with Wavetec, one of the world leaders with over 20 years experience helping financial institutions deliver great in-branch experiences.

Because we strongly believe this technology will contribute not only to your branches but to our communities at large, we are offering the standard implementation of the basic queue management for free and can get this system up and running in 1 week or less.


Get in touch with us today and see how Aequilibrium and Wavetec can help you deliver remarkable in-branch experiences.

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