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User Experience Design, Digital Strategy, Adobe July 23, 2020

Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service

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Early this year, Adobe launched its Adobe Experience Manager as a cloud service. The timing, and the timing for business to migrate, couldn’t be better or more pressing, with COVID-19 especially highlighting the advantages of cloud-based technology for business. But it isn’t just a knee-jerk reaction to current events.  It’s our belief that there will be virtually no on-prem products within 10-15 years, and here we mean more than just Adobe offerings—we mean that all solution providers will gradually stop supporting their on-prem solutions.


At Aequilibrium, we believe the time for AEM migration to the cloud is now.


That said, we do need to understand the key considerations when migrating AEM to the cloud, especially as this is a new offering from Adobe. One such consideration, and this goes for any cloud migration, is that the migration needs to be done strategically, both in terms of the business decision driving the migration as well as the actual migration plan. This strategic point of view relates closely to what we feel is one of the most important aspects of cloud migration:


It’s not just data that is migrating.


All levels of your organization need to be aligned on the migration process—there is a cultural shift to cloud-based technology that goes well beyond data. The leaders of your organization must be informed and aware of the possible challenges and benefits of migrating to ensure the entire team is pulling in the same direction and any surprises are minimized.

And about those benefits of AEM as a cloud service? They are simply too great to ignore and they include:

  • Increased speed, flexibility and scalability
  • Increased ability to Innovate
  • Cost advantages
  • Competitive advantages
  • Security advantages


Certainly not an exhaustive list of benefits, but those bullet points alone should definitely serve to pique the interest in migrating your Adobe Experience Manager to the cloud.

As an Adobe Bronze Solutions Partner, Aequilibrium understands the importance of cloud services and all that it entails for your organization. We’re here to help you achieve accelerated business outcomes to drive growth and profitability.


If you’d like to read more about the benefits and key considerations of AEM cloud migration, please click here.


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