Banking April 18, 2019

ON DEMAND: How to Create a Human Connection in the Digital Age

The financial industry is moving away from in-branch and in-person experiences and is looking towards a more mobile and digital-first approach to serving customers. While digital is faster, cheaper, and more efficient, human connection is often lost at the onset of digital transformation. Digital channels have invariably complicated the execution of the personalized, one-to-one connection, and issues of security and privacy have become apparent. When it comes to understanding customer experience strategy in the digital age today, financial institutions need to realize the importance of high-touch communication and client experience.

Hosted by Kelly West, this webinar panel features Ruxandra Aldea, General Manager at aequilibrium, Reg Marrinier, SVP of Retail and Business Banking at BlueShore Financial, and John Safa, Founder and CTO of Pushfor. Our expert panel discusses strategies for balancing digital experiences expected by customers today, with attention to personalization, real-time transactions, and security and privacy concerns over client personal information.


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Meet our panel.
Kelly West (Host)

Head of Product & Innovation

Kelly has helped numerous financial institutions transform digitally over the span of his 20-year career. In addition to his work in developing solutions for clients, he is also a leader in building proprietary digital products focused on origination and payments.

Ruxandra Aldea

General Manager

Ruxandra has worked with diverse financial institutions initiating technology change in support of their business strategy. As a FinTech expert, her role includes business case advisory work, evaluation and selection, and program delivery framework with considerations for efficiency, people, technology, and culture fit.

Reg Marrinier

SVP, Retail and Business Banking
BlueShore Financial

Reg oversees BlueShore Financial’s branches, Solution Centre operations, Marketing, Business Group and Wealth Management. With over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, Reg has been instrumental in developing BlueShore Financial’s banking, client, and investment strategies.

John Safa

Founder & CTO

John is a seasoned executive in architecting solutions for desktop, cloud, and mobile platforms. He has a highly entrepreneurial skill-set with over 30 granted patents and has raised investment and built and managed international development teams in Europe and the US.