Deploy a scalable integrated solution to deliver your customers and staff a great in-location experience.


Canada’s only Wavetec partner, we work with you to optimize your customer’s experience with virtual queue management, appointment booking, people counting solutions, analytics, and data that is integrated with your existing systems.

Wavetec has 20+ years of experience with a wide range of world-class clients. The solutions are highly scalable so you can start small and expand your solution as required or as your customers and staff expectations evolve.

The Aequilibrium Advantage

The Aequilibrium Advantage

Manage In-Location Capacity

Leveraging Wavetec’s SafeQ automated occupancy control solution, we can help you autonomously monitor, optimize, and manage occupancy limits.

• Cost-effective
• Quick deployment with Aequilibrium’s experts
• Designed to count occupancy that allows for social distancing
• Customizable
• Digital signage gives transparency to your customers
• Integrates with Wavetec’s suite of products, including appointment booking

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Virtual Queueing

Wavetec’s Safe-Q virtual queueing solutions enable safe physical distancing by eliminating the physical queue.

• Customers notified by SMS, WhatsApp or email
• Quick deployment with Aequilibrium’s experts
• Digital signage for queue information
• Unplanned customers and customers without smartphones can be part of a virtual queue
• QR Enabled
• Integrates with Wavetec’s suite of products, including appointment booking

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Appointment Booking

Eliminate queueing altogether with Wavetec’s cloud-based online appointment, booking, and scheduling solution that is simple, easy, and convenient.

• Perfect for both enterprise and small business
• Connect with customers before they arrive, allowing top-quality service
• Customers can connect with you from anywhere to book, reschedule or cancel
• SMS, WhatsApp, and email reminders and waitlist
• Works with multiple locations
• Integrates with Wavetec’s suite of products

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Analytics and Data

SafeQ is powered by Spectra, an enterprise software that seamlessly integrates with all applications ensuring a seamless experience every time a customer visits your location.

• Real-time actionable insights
• Dashboards and reports
• Backend integrations

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