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Appointment Booking, Check-ins & Queue Management with Wavetec Technologies

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Smart queueing without all that lining up nonsense.

Virtual queueing gives people who arrive at your location the freedom to simply be notified by email, SMS or even WhatsApp when it’s their turn to enter or proceed. Worried your customers don’t have smartphones? No problem, we have solutions for that too.

Appointment booking for every industry.

Appointment booking and check-in solutions are cloud-based and simple to use for both your staff and your customers. Best of all, they integrate with your existing systems to increase efficiencies while keeping costs low.

With Aequilibrium and Wavetec, you can do even more.

  • Optimize Customer Flow

    • Manage occupancy limits and improve conversion rates
    • Fully customizable user interface
    • Integrate with CRM and other Enterprise applications
    • Digital signage gives transparency to your customers
  • Customer

    • Measure customer satisfaction in real time
    • Follow-up staff and branch performance
    • Show commitment to service improvement
  • Analytics and

    • Real-time actionable insights
    • Dashboards and reports
    • Staffing optimization with ML/AI driven forecasting

Improve your customer experience

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  • 35%
    Less waiting times
  • 30%
    Reduction in
    operational cost
  • 23%
    Increase in
    customer satisfaction

Low cost implementation.
Quick deployment.

To contribute to the community during these important times, we are offering the standard implementation of queue management at reduced cost and we can get this solution up and running in one week or less.

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Seamless Integration and Enhanced Customer Intelligence

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Meet John Queue Public Our resident queueing expert

We hired a queue expert (from England of course) to help us first understand and then to get rid of queues. Check out John Queue Public’s video adventures as he tours, ridicules and busts queues across Vancouver.

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