What we do

Digital Strategy.


  • Primary Research
  • Persona Modelling
  • Journey Mapping
  • Lifecycle Mapping
  • Scenario Mapping
  • Digital Roadmap
  • Customer Analytics
  • Platform Evaluation
  • Agile Management

We believe effective digital transformation starts with users.

Together, we’ll help you create innovative, smart, and personalized digital experiences using a balanced and pragmatic framework that combines customer data, planning, technology, and UX.

We apply design thinking and Agile methodology. Through our collaborative and transparent process of ideation, we will future-cast your company’s best digital strategy, track changes in the landscape, and realize your digital potential. Our strong execution focus means that we will apply our process to design, build, and run a complete end-to-end solution.

"We like that you are very high-touch, again in a great way, and that you are able to walk teams through the process. aequilibrium would be part of a very small and select list of vendors we would recommend! We would absolutely recommend your team for strategy as well, since we went through a successful engagement with you."
Sumit Vijay Senior Product Manager


We bring international perspectives to understand users in every market, embracing digital as a central driver for growth.

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What we do.