Season 1 September 24, 2019

Episode 2: Lorenzo Ignacio


26 minutes


After a brief stint developing an application dubbed “Pinterest for men”, Lorenzo found his way to the world of digital agencies where he builds products and thrives today. Sharing wisdom and stories from his past life in business management, journalism and, today, being a dad, on this episode we chat about perishing, struggles, family, music, technology, the future, and Guu’d food.



Lorenzo Ignacio
Senior Web Developer


Meet our panel.
Emily Louie (Host)

Embarking on a personal journey from Content Writer to Content Strategist and UX Writer, Emily takes an ethnographic step into podcasting where she explores the ins-and-outs of user experience design and technology with fellow designers and digital product developers at aequilibrium.

Lorenzo Ignacio

Lorenzo is a senior web developer and passionate technologist who has navigated his way through startups and digital agencies. He is passionate about technology, user experience, and digital products that challenge the status quo. In addition to utilizing extensible, reusable, and completely readable code, he’s also a dedicated husband and loving father to petit monsieur Diego.