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Season 1 June 20, 2019

Episode 1: Matthew Corstorphine


21 minutes


He wasn’t always a designer. Before joining aequilibrium and growing an award-winning UX Design team, Matt was just a regular mechanical engineer who loved to eat tacos. On this episode, we talk about “getting struck by design” and “pursuing a new path”. We also talk about shift, balance, culture, and the ominous color black.



Matthew Corstorphine
Director of Product Design


Meet our speakers.
Emily Louie (Host)

Embarking on a personal journey from Content Writer to Content Strategist and UX Writer, Emily takes an ethnographic step into podcasting where she explores the ins-and-outs of user experience design and technology with fellow designers and digital product developers at aequilibrium.

Matthew Corstorphine

Matt has worked with some of the biggest agencies and tech companies in North America designing digital products and interactions. He is a lover of crafting meaningful user experiences, tinkering with the latest tech, and being a dad to his two-year-old son, Johnny.