DUCA Credit Union
Elevates Their Digital

A Case Study of Becoming More Remarkable.

“Aequilibrium was intellectually flexible enough to recognize what our priorities were in terms of making our website an engine for member interaction and digital sales. We were working on a very real piece of our distribution network.”

– Arthur A. Krzycki,
Vice President, Retail Banking Channels, DUCA

A Fast Growing
Credit Union

DUCA is the third largest credit union in Ontario. Over the last 4 years, they’ve had 22% compound average growth and are now over $5 billion in assets with over 82,000 members. They needed a digital experience that could help power more growth.

Delivering on DUCA’s Brand Promise to Members

DUCA needed a public website that cut through the noise and delivered to their members the promise of ‘do more, be more, achieve more.’ We delivered in a big way.

Our Remarkable Process

  • Discover

    We get to know you, your goals
    and your members.

    • Client discovery
    • Member analysis
    • Competitive analysis
    • User personas, journeys
    • Useability studies
  • Design & Create

    We build the framework for a remarkable experience and make it a reality.

    • Brand voice & tone workshop
    • Content strategy & wireframes
    • Design
    • Copywriting
    • Implementation
  • Share & Nurture

    We help get your new experience out to your community and the world.

    • Client training
    • Analytics
    • Launch & post launch sup

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