Digital Strategy, Retail, Wavetec November 13, 2020

Get Rid of Your Queues and Treat Your Customers Like VIPs

Treat your customers to a safe and remarkable VIP shopping experience. Our appointment booking and queue management solutions help reduce queues and transform customer experience.

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User Experience Design January 8, 2020

Using Personas to Create Meaningful User Experiences

As UX designers, it’s part of our process to constantly ask who we’re designing for. A user persona helps create a digital experience that users can understand and enjoy.

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Company News December 12, 2019

Aequilibrium becomes an Adobe Bronze Solution Partner

Aequilibrium joins Adobe’s partner ecosystem of vetted services, technology, developers, and highly trained experts to deliver Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.

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Company News, User Experience Design November 29, 2019

VanUX Awards Announce New Winner 2019

Congratulations to the new winner of the VanUX Awards 2019. We are proud to be a Community Sponsor for this year’s event.

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Technology & Software October 30, 2019

Choosing Effective Code Layout Strategies for Software Projects

The choice of code layout can make a significant impact on project results. Here’s how to choose an effective code layout strategy for software projects.

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Technology & Software October 2, 2019

Reactive Programming with MVVM for Mobile Apps

MVVM is a popular design pattern used in developing mobile apps. When used with Reactive programming, MVVM can deliver a powerful experience for users.

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User Experience Design September 18, 2019

Guiding Methodology for Interaction Design

Process plays a big part in how we create interaction design and methodology helps guide our human-centered design process. Here are our few of our team’s methods.

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User Experience Design, Technology & Software September 4, 2019

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Web Performance

Even the smallest change in the web page weight or load time will impact the traffic noticeably. Find out how to improve your performance, security, and UX.

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Technology & Software August 14, 2019

Exploring the Internet of Things, Today and Tomorrow

In the post-digital age, it is apparent that data will drive the digital journey and IoT will be a significant enabler. The opportunities in IoT are endless.

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User Experience Design July 31, 2019

What is UX Writing?

From developing processes to writing microcopy, UX writing is an easy and effective solution to differentiating brand experience and driving business value.

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Banking, Digital Strategy July 30, 2019

Are You Ready for the Forge Migration?

Learn more about aequilibrium’s solutions for mobile, public websites, or internet banking migration to Central 1’s Forge digital banking platform.

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Banking, Digital Strategy June 27, 2019

Why Human Connection is Crucial for Financial Institutions in the Digital Age

Creating the human connection is about triggering a type of emotional response and attachment which then leads to loyalty.

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User Experience Design June 19, 2019

Interaction Design: Big Things Have Small Beginnings

In this article, we explain the micro complexities behind interaction design and how they can have a macro impact on user delight.

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Technology & Software June 5, 2019

Considerations While Using Kotlin

With great power comes great responsibility. Kotlin is currently seeing rapid growth in adoption within the Android development community and it has the power to help you write code exactly as you want.

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User Experience Design May 29, 2019

How Usability Testing Drives Design Innovation

If you’re not conducting tests regularly, you may be missing out on the whole point of creating digital products. Learn more about usability testing.

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Banking, Digital Strategy May 15, 2019

Drive Business Success By Meeting Customer Expectations

If customer-centricity is considered a core value of your corporate strategy, then listening to customers should be incorporated into your strategic decision-making process.

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User Experience Design May 8, 2019

How To Improve UXD With Interaction Design

Interaction design can be small and simple but can make a big difference for the end user experience. Learn how to improve your UXD with interaction design.

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Company Culture, User Experience Design, Technology & Software April 25, 2019

Learning Swift as a UX designer

It’s helpful for UX designers to have a holistic understanding of the entire product production cycle, including learning how to code.

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Banking, Digital Strategy April 11, 2019

Fresh Thinking To Grow Your Mass Affluent Business

The higher profitability of the mass affluent makes it an attractive target for banks and credit unions to zero in on. Learn more about the mass affluent.

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Company Culture, User Experience Design April 10, 2019

A Dialog on Communication and Team Dynamics

In this article, we discuss team dynamics within digital product agencies from efficiency to communication and understanding.

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User Experience Design March 20, 2019

IKEA Store App Review and Usability Redesign

Discover opportunities for improvement on the IKEA Store app’s user experience design. In this article we conduct a review on usability and design.

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Company News, Company Culture March 6, 2019

How We Support Women in Tech and Address the Gap in Gender Equality

Women in tech face many challenges and setbacks. Here are some of the ways we support women and address the gap in gender equality at aequilibrium.

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Company News February 27, 2019

aequilibrium Recognized as a Top Creative and Design Agency in Canada

It’s our mission to help transform companies by building award-winning digital experiences. We are excited to announce that Clutch has named us a Leading Design Agency in 2019.

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Banking, Digital Strategy February 21, 2019

An ROI Model of Experience-Driven Banking in the Digital Age

In the digital age, banks and credit unions must strategically shift from being product-driven to customer-driven with omnichannel digital experiences.

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Technology & Software, Social February 20, 2019

Using ARKit to Develop Polar iOS

Part 3 of 3 Polar BTS. ARKit had the right balance of ease of use and capabilities needed and taught us all about creating augmented reality AR apps.

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Company News, User Experience Design, Social February 13, 2019

Designing the Polar Experience

Process and insights on creating a linear user flow, animations, and stories in the user experience design for Polar iOS.

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Company News, User Experience Design, Social February 6, 2019

Concept and Planning for Polar iOS

Part 1 of 3 Polar BTS. Polar was a special project because it presented an opportunity to build our own product for the very first time.

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Technology & Software January 23, 2019

Why You Should Use a Serverless Microservices Architecture

Serverless microservices architecture offers many benefits. Learn why you should use it, and how to implement it using AWS and Lambda.

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Banking, Digital Strategy January 16, 2019

4 Ways to Attract New Banking Customers With Technology

Learn the steps you need to take to attract customers who want the best, most catered, and personalized omnichannel experience with technology in 2019.

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User Experience Design December 19, 2018

How To Ask User Experience Questions

Knowing how to ask user experience questions when talking to clients about their goals and products is an important skill for UX design and research.

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Banking, Digital Strategy December 10, 2018

How to Help Customers Achieve New Year's Goals With Technology

CEO Adrian Moise discusses how to become a trusted adviser for financial institutions looking to achieve holistic financial health.

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Company News, Company Culture, User Experience Design December 3, 2018

Sneaker Con iOS App Wins VanUX Awards "Best UX"

aequilibrium’s Sneaker Con iOS app won the award for “Best UX” and “Best UX for Product” at the 2018 VanUX Awards in Vancouver, BC.

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Company News, Banking November 21, 2018

Exploring Digital Banking in the US, Canada, and Europe

Last month, the aequilibrium team embarked upon a world tour to discover, connect, and learn more about digital banking. They attended Money 20/20, C1 Momentum, and Backbase Connect to gain insight and leads to help businesses accelerate their digital banking potential.

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User Experience Design November 19, 2018

3 Reasons Why User Experience Matters

User experience is important because it creates the first impression for your product. Here are the top three reasons why UXD matters.

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User Experience Design October 31, 2018

What is Digital Product Design?

Product design is about problem solving, and product designers seek to improve the experiences of products through solving complex design problems.

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User Experience Design October 31, 2018

Unpacking the UX Design Process

How do we create meaningful experiences for users? A 7 step process to building an unforgettable user experience design (UXD).

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Banking, Digital Strategy October 31, 2018

Does Digital Banking Apply to Small Banks?

Big or small, a digital banking transformation applies to all financial institutions today as we head into the modernized world of user experience design and technology.

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User Experience Design October 29, 2018

What is User Experience Design?

Questions and models may stay the same, but people are organic, habits are evolutionary, and designers need to be agile. Read more.

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Technology & Software, Banking October 29, 2018

How Financial Chatbots Are Transforming Digital Banking

Chatbots are an easy solution to many legacy banking problems, giving an incredible leg up for progressive banks and credit unions.

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Technology & Software, Banking October 25, 2018

What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking enables financial transactions to be conducted anywhere, anytime, and it’s quickly becoming the norm of user expectations.

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Company News, Company Culture October 25, 2018

A Penchant for UX and Technology

Welcome to the aequilibrium blog. Here we’ll be writing about all things product development and UX/UI design related.

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