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Need a Remarkable Check-In Experience for Your Branches? Join Our Webinar and See Wavetec Solutions in Action

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Are you satisfied with your branch client experience? Safety regulations and occupancy limits can make it difficult to maintain great client service, though certainly challenges existed previously. From a retail banking perspective, however, perhaps we have an opportunity (even if it’s been thrust upon us in earnest) to not only improve client service while adhering to safety measures, but also to improve client experience beyond these safety measures and for the future of retail bank service. 


With Wavetec technology, your retail banking goals of improved client services are attainable today.


Wavetec is a global leader in retail banking transformation, including queue management, appointment booking, robust data and analytics—it is a complete digital solution that has the ability to integrate with core bank systems and is highly scalable. Globally, they count Barclays, Emirates NBD, Chase Bank and HSBC as bank clients. 

As Wavetec’s only Canadian partner, we invite you to join us, Dec 17 at 10AM (PT), 12PM (CT), 1PM (ET), for our webinar, Remarkable Customer Experiences With Safer Check-Ins, that will feature representatives from Wavetec and Aequilibrium, and will provide a demonstration of Wavetec’s technology as well as a case study for how Wavetec helped HSBC achieve its retail banking transformation goals.

Get ready to participate in a live demo and see in real-time how a simple QR scan on your smartphone allows you to join a queue virtually. (Note: you might need to download/open the Whatsapp app on your smartphone during the webinar.) 


In this webinar, we’ll be discussing, demonstrating and analyzing the real-world applications with on the following topics:
  • Reducing client waiting time while providing a better check-in experience
  • Managing in-branch capacity, enabling seamless service inquiries and increase conversion rates
  • Boosting staff productivity with integrations and analytics 
  • Lowering IT costs with better integration into existing tech stack as well as improving IT efficiencies and team productivity
  • Optimizing your branches through AI/ML forecasting 
  • Creating remarkable client experiences with fully customizable UX with API-driven front end
  • Driving value to your clients with access to enhanced customer information, increased conversion rates and improved visibility of your business KPIs


And this isn’t all. Check out the speaker line-up, you’ll be leveraging their industry experience, gaining expert insights into new technologies that can help drive your banking transformation goals.




Check out our webinar speakers

Leandro Blank

General Manager, Europe and Canada @Wavetec

Leandro is leading Wavetec business in Canada and Europe. His background lies in Economics and Innovation and he is passionate about improving customer experience and delivering value with tech and data. He believes in using the Phygital approach to connect the online and offline worlds will allow you to create closer, more efficient, and human customer experiences.


Michael Austin

Director, Business Development @Aequilibrium

Michael comes from a digital product and brand strategy background where he has developed client businesses for over 20 years. He has worked on both client and agency side growing businesses with scalable strategies and measurable impact in the UK and North America.


Kelly West

Head of Product & Innovation @Aequilibrium

Kelly has over 20 years of experience helping financial institutions with their digital transformations. He has led product management at Central 1 Credit Union providing digital banking, origination, and payment products to more than 250 financial institutions. He has been instrumental in developing proprietary digital products and solutions for Aequilibrium.


Get ready to discover a powerful check-in technology that integrates with your core systems. If you are looking for a robust digital solution that’s more than just queue management and are curious about how banks including HSBC improve their customer experiences, don’t miss this webinar!


Please click here to register for the webinar. We look forward to discussing retail banking transformation with you.

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