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Don’t Let Your Guests Pool in Your Lobby

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Your hotel goes to great lengths to provide the best guest experience possible. But with restrictions on the number of guests allowed to be in any space at one time, creating a waiting for your pool or gym in your lobby isn’t the most welcoming experience. With the weather turning worse, guests in bathing suits or workout gear waiting for their turn on a first come first serve basis can lead to frustration and difficult situations for front desk staff. Not to mention newly arriving guests may be put off by the rather strange lobby scene. 

Closing your pool or gym is obviously not an ideal solution, as you want to offer guests all the amenities to make their stay as comfortable and memorable as possible. The good news is that there is a digital solution that is fast to implement and can eliminate your lobby line-up while allowing you to keep your pool, gym and other amenities open. That solution (drumroll, please!) is digital appointment booking.


Appointment booking isn’t new, but it has been limited to certain industries. With the challenges of COVID-19, it’s definitely time to remove that unnecessary limitation.


With appointment booking, you give your guests the ability to set a time to use your pool or gym as per their convenience. That way when they arrive they can start swimming or working out immediately. No guesswork on when they’ll be able to get in, no more sitting in the lobby holding their spot. Especially, no long queues outside your gym.


Best of all, a digital solution can be integrated with your hotel’s reward program, so you can pair incentives with the appointment booking system.


Why leave your guests waiting in the lobby? At Aequilibrium, we believe in delivering a remarkable customer experience. To that end, we’ve partnered with Wavetec, a customer experience solutions company that has 20+ years experience with a wide range of world-class clients. The solutions are quick to deploy, most can be up and running in a week or less, and are highly scalable, so you can start small and then expand as your customer and staff expectations evolve.


If you’re interested in Wavetec technology and how Aequilibrium can help implement it at your hotel locations, please download our brochure to learn more.


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