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Company News, Digital Strategy, Retail, Wavetec July 14, 2020

Aequilibrium and Wavetec: Freeing Canada from lineups & bad customer experiences

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We all have our anecdotes of, let’s say strange, customer experience and queue management moments at physical locations both during the lockdown and now with easing restrictions (maybe even more so now). As a company that focuses on customer-centric experiences, these moments really hit us in the feels. 

That’s why we’re so excited to announce this new partnership with Wavetec’s next-generation capacity management solutions. We are Wavetec’s only Canadian partner and couldn’t be more proud to be on the leading edge of solutions to in-location experiences.

The industries that have the need to manage these customer experiences cuts a wide path. Banks, credit unions, retail insurance providers, healthcare services, labs, airports, luxury retailers, and government service offices are all examples of industries that are looking for innovative solutions to these issues.


We’ve worked on flattening the curve, now let’s crush the line.


With the help of Aequilibrium and Wavetec technologies, businesses can address those needs. The technology includes appointment setting, virtual queueing, in-building capacity management and even implementing analytics and data that can help analyze traffic flows and optimize the workforce. Entirely modular and scalable, solutions can be customized to business needs.

For example, SafeQ, Wavetec’s virtual queuing technology, eliminates lineups and helps customers manage their day with solutions that are fast, simple and easy. The solution can even help provide alternative options for disabled and older customers. From simple digital turnstile options that can be up and running in a few days, to fully customizable and integrated capacity management and people counting options, Wavetec solutions scale to meet the needs of each individual business. And Aequilibrium works with the business to determine what is the best solution and deploy it as quickly as possible—often in 1 week or less.

Though the need for these solutions across so many industries is new to Canada, thanks to the pandemic and the ensuing social distancing guidelines, Wavetec has been offering this technology in the EU and UAE for over 20 years. 

The most exciting thing? These solutions have the potential to improve our Canadian in-location experience beyond what they were even pre-pandemic.


As Tobias Besson, Deputy CEO of Wavetec says:

“Our capacity and queue management solutions have been helping businesses manage line-ups even before the pandemic. Now, with the pandemic retailers and other businesses are realizing there is also an opportunity to improve how they deliver their products and experiences in a way that extends and enhances what they thought was possible.”

And, as Aequilibrium CEO Adrian Moise puts it:

“As Wavetec’s first partner in Canada, Aequilibrium is excited to be providing Wavetec’s winning technologies that enable businesses to comply with new regulations, enhance experiences for customers by ensuring predictable and reliable service, and provide new insights into business performance as a result. For businesses that adopt Wavetec technologies, Covid-19 may prove to be a catalyst that results in long term improvements to customer experience and operational efficiency.”

Stay tuned to Aequilibrium and Wavetec as we work together with Canadian businesses to continue, and even enhance customer experiences. And maybe, we’ll each have less of those strange anecdotes about our experiences at physical locations.


To contribute to the community at this critical time, Aequilibrium will be offering the standard implementation of the basic queue management for free and can get this system up and running in 1 week or less.


Be sure to check out the full press release here.

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