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Aequilibrium Employee Spotlight Series (Part 10): Valterfi Oliveira

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Sadly, we’ve arrived at the last of our Employee Spotlight series.

It has been 10 amazing weeks of sharing great conversations with our team members. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

But this is not the end — we’ll still keep you informed regularly about everything Aequilibrium.

Valterfi Oliveira | Back End Developer

Meet Valterfi — one of our Brazilian developers who joined us not from Brazil, but from Burnaby, BC! He’s also from the same hometown as Gabriel, our Front End Developer who you met in Part 3. They even worked together in the past — small world!

“This is most rewarding part about working here. […] I transform old legacy systems into new technologies.”

Valterfi visiting the Castelão (Big Castle) Stadium in Fortaleza, Brazil

First things first, why did you want to work at Aequilibrium?

What caught my attention about Aequilibrium, besides the job description, was the opportunity to work with new technologies, digital transformation, and innovation. This is something that I’ve always wanted to work with. I already had experience working with banks, so it caught my attention that I would be transforming old technologies into something new.

As a Back End Developer, what’s your typical day like?

Basically, I get the requirements to create new functionalities and extend existing ones. I do peer code reviews, I write automated tests, and here and there I configure some applications. Besides that, I’m always participating in meetings with clients and the team to discuss solutions to issues and roadblocks.

Valterfi enjoying the snow in Whistler, BC

What is the most rewarding part about working here?

I currently work with Backbase and their projects are challenging. This is the most rewarding part about working here. I get to use the kind of technology that I’m interested in, I transform old legacy systems into new technologies. It is very interesting to be a part of that digital transformation, also to work with microservices and cloud systems.

How is your current job different from the previous jobs you’ve had?

Aside from the technology, what I see the most here is the focus on the employee’s well-being. They’re always making sure you’re okay if you need a day off, and sometimes they even tell you to take a day off. This focus is in the company’s name — Aequilibrium. This was the biggest difference. Although companies I worked for in the past cared about the employees, I never experienced such care for work-life balance.


Valterfi in his neighbourhood in Burnaby, BC

How would you describe us?

A growing company that focuses on the employee’s happiness and well-being, and even during the pandemic they try to create a social environment. We have meetings twice a week with the entire company and a social time on Fridays. The company does justice to its name.


Interested in joining the Aequilibrium team?

Check out our Careers Page and don’t forget to stay social with us!

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