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A Penchant for UX and Technology

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Most of us here got into the tech game early because there was a natural draw to the possibilities technology could bring for us early on. While most, for example, are just beginning to optimize their websites for mobile-first, we’ve been designing and developing native mobile applications since the first iPhone and Pixel were released.

Having designed and developed digital products, for some of us, over a decade, there’s a lot on our minds. We talk much about sprints, best design practices, coding hacks, and anything to do with design and tech in general, but there’s so much knowledge between our CEO and senior product teams that we feel it’s about time to share our thoughts and findings with others beyond our walls.


We also do a lot of really cool things at aequilibrium.


For example, we digitize sneaker trading into modern mobile magic and enable property scouting in Vancouver from halfway across the world. As a small product design agency, we imagine the world with incredible possibilities and we’d also like to share our projects and achievements to inspire others. We have a lot more case studies to read on our Work page.

With curious eyes and a strong penchant for technology, we’re excited to start writing! We’ll be posting what we’ve been up to, give insight into our company culture, talk about cool things we’ve learned in UXD and dev, and keep exploring that perfect balance between us and the world around. We also have a blog on digital banking, if you’re interested in that. Follow us on social media to keep reading. 



Emily is a creative writer and strategic planner with a craft for content and wordplay. She has contributed to many publications as a freelance writer and in-house copy editor. She currently leads aequilibrium’s editorial calendar, writing on UXD and digital product development.

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