About us

A multi-disciplinary team of designers, engineers, and strategists.


We use the perfect balance of technology and user experience design to solve complex business problems.


Who is aequilibrium?

aequilibrium is a digital product design and development studio based in Vancouver, BC. Whether it’s mobile, AR, or backend applications, we create digital experiences that connect brands with users.


We use a perfect balance of technology and user experience to create digital products that offer real business and customer value.

Oxford Latin Dictionary Etymology: from Latin equilibrium “state of being in balance”.


Today, through design thinking and Agile methodology, we enable personalized digital engagement and data-centric approaches to design, build, and run scalable end-to-end solutions for clients across North America.


Since 2012, we have helped companies embrace their business potential. With expertise in multiple industries, we specialize in retail, banking, social, and health.

Our approach

Our approach


We provide data assessments and 360-degree views of users through journey mapping, insights, research, and analytics.


We take user insights, research, and data to create meaningful user interfaces and award-winning user experiences.


We work with existing systems to build and deploy technology-forward digital solutions for user-centric problems.


As an end-to-end delivery partner, we implement and customize platforms to create unique experiences for your users.

Our leaders.

We are committed to sharing knowledge, crafting a vision for success, and building best-in-class digital experiences.

Adrian Moise
Adrian Moise CEO & Founder

Meet Adrian.

Adrian has delivered software products and engaging user experiences on multiple platforms for clients across the nation. His focus has always been on digital transformation and on using technology as a competitive advantage for building meaningful life experiences.

Kelly  West
Kelly West Head of Product and Innovation

Meet Kelly.

Kelly has helped numerous financial institutions transform digitally over the span of his 20-year career. In addition to his work in developing solutions for clients, he is also a leader in building proprietary digital products focused on origination and payments.

Bruce Hogg
Bruce Hogg VP of Technology

Meet Bruce.

Bruce is a senior IT professional with over 30 years of experience in large scale technology transformation projects, strategic planning, enterprise architecture, software development, and management. He is driven by technology and inspired by data and AI.

Nicoleta Scott
Nicoleta Scott Director of People & Culture

Meet Nicoleta.

After retiring from competing on the international scene as a tennis player, Nicoleta refocused her energy into a business career. She is passionate about helping organizations establish a company culture that values employees and supports business results.

Florentina  Moise
Florentina Moise Director of Finance

Meet Florentina.

Florentina has a natural ability to evaluate situations and make decisions that support the goals of the organization while mitigating financial risks. As Director of Finance, she plays a crucial role in planning policies and procedures.

Our A-Team.

We work together to apply iterative techniques and new technologies to create award-winning digital experiences.

Michael Austin
Michael Austin Director, Business Development

Meet Michael.

Michael comes from a digital product and brand strategy background where he has developed client businesses for over 18 years. He has worked on both client and agency side growing businesses with scalable strategies and measurable impact in the UK and North America.

Karen Pranbrum
Karen Pranbrum Director, Customer Solutions

Meet Karen.

Karen’s background in mathematics and experience delivering Agile, on-time, and on-budget projects has helped her solve key business problems for clients across the board. Her experience has spanned a variety of industries including retail, financial services, and natural resources.


Kehuan Wang
Kehuan Wang Senior Developer / Chapter Lead

Meet Kehuan.

Kehuan has been developing enterprise software for over 20 years, building everything from backend to mobile integration. He is fluent in multiple technologies and languages and is certified in both Backbase and Salesforce development.


Olivia Tapper
Olivia Tapper UX/UI Designer

Meet Liv.

Liv is a firm believer in human-centered design, emphasizing intuitive user experiences in every product build. She embraces Agile and dynamic work environments, bringing the mindset of ‘The Relentless Pursuit of Better’. Liv has worked on a number of projects, applying her expertise in user research, testing, and designing UI.

Tim McCluskey
Tim McCluskey Full Stack Developer

Meet Tim.

Tim has developed a wide breadth of technical expertise, providing a foundation for applying unique perspective and innovative knowledge to all client projects. He is most skilled in frontend technologies where he has worked on a variety of applications. He loves taking on new challenges, from software development to eating entire pizzas. 

Emily Chong
Emily Chong UI/UX Designer

Meet Emily C.

Emily’s passion for creating seamless user experiences and intuitive design is inspired by her daily interactions with the world. She believes that design is everywhere, and everything is an experience. In particular, she holds strong values on functionality and minimalism.

Saravana Swaminathan
Saravana Swaminathan Senior Java Developer

Meet Saravana.

Saravana is a quick learner with a proven track record of using and experimenting with diverse technologies and delivering quality end products. He’s been developing backend products for over five years, while looking to continue expanding his repertoire into cloud technologies.

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